So, I’m honestly not sure what to write for this final medium post. I think I already tied things up together in my last entry, when I went over my plans for capstone in Spring. I would like to give thanks to D.J. for being such a helpful guide through…

This week I have the four quick studies that I produced in class on Wednesday. I tried to stick with the constraint of only using typography and color, but I did give in a little bit by using shape to highlight specific words in one of my studies. My thought process when quickly iterating was to stick with fun, saturated colors and simple but impactful typefaces. I’m not sure which is my favorite or if I will go for any of these as my final type/color choice. However, the process allowed me to get my mind going on more concept ideas and helped me to be more loose and flexible with my ideating.

I can’t really share any sketches or storyboards yet for the prompt. My plate was loaded up with stuff for other classes this week so I didn’t get to do a lot of crafty/creative work for Methodology. I’m planning on doing a lot of concept sketching and ideating work this weekend. However, I can share some of my final survey questions and the results thus far.

One of the Sketches for My Round Robin Exploration

Since we didn’t have any prompts for this week, I thought it’d be a good idea to just go over and reflect on some of the feedback I received this Wednesday in our round robin groups. My feedback was overall really positive and my group partners expressed interest in seeing…

Digital Sketch of Potential DAAPWorks Booth

For this week’s prompt, I can’t really build on the emails that my group wrote in the improv exercise. We kind of struggled with it and couldn’t come up with details and phrases that weren’t pretty generic and just complimentary. My DAAP Works booth sketch is mostly just based on my imagination and what I think my deliverable may turn out like in the end.

Since I’m still in the research phase (and I haven’t even done my primary research yet), my deliverable very well might change in a whole new direction. For now, I envision it as being a combination of a printed infographic documenting the history and controversy of pit-bulls paired with some very short supplementary animation clips that the audience could view on a monitor set up in the booth space.

Sophia Schultz

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